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Attention! The concert, which has been planned on 25th of december will happen on 19th of January 2007. See you at the concert next year!

● Yudzoka shall perform on 25th of december 2006 at midnight in Kinomaja. The name of the event is "Electro-U-nique". Other performers are "Jim Arrow & The Anacrhones", "Under Marie", "Orion". All bands will play with support of modern experimental video. Entrance fee - 100 EEK. First gig starts at 22.00. Please be welcome to the show.

● Yudzoka shall perform on 28th of october 2007 in "Juuksur Baar"(old town, Vaimu 1) with one hour long set starting at 9 PM. Entrance fee - 40 EEK. Please be welcome to our show.


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+372 56 72 66 38

Yudzoka is a musical group from Estonia, which is centered on both ethnic and modern musical ways of consciousness change. Band's music features deep electronics, nostalgic retro-guitars, mystical arrangments and crystal clear gentle female voice, which is sung in manner of singing that combines the traditions of Russian Orthodox church vocals with the moods of modern nu-jazz. All this creates a deep, yet breezy feeling of relaxation, but at the same time plants a transcendental sense of spirituality inside the listener.

The project was created in 1996 in Tallinn and before december 2005 was known as Sumerki Project. Sumerki Project tracks have been released on various labels in Russia, USA, France and Estonia. Also they have been used as soundtracks for movies and plays and served as themes to multiple artistic performances.

At the moment the members of the Yudzoka band are Jevgeni Zolotorevski, Sergei Nemaier and Anna Dotsenko.


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Pokoi (2007)
Svet (2006)


Izmeneniya (2007)


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Contacts: info@yudzoka.com +372 56 72 66 38

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